Accessible Kitchens - BASELIFT Worktop Lift

Different people have different physical capabilities. Some are tall, others are short, some want to be seated while working while others want to stand. So the kitchen in which so much work is being done should obviously be adaptable to the needs of any individual. A lift system that enables cabinets and worktops to be adjusted to the required height makes the work much easier and more enjoyable.

General Info

  • Can be fitted with drawers

  • Cover panels conceal the wall and wiring

  • Sink unit and hob can be inserted in the lift

  • Movable motors and free space at the wall beneath the motorised leg simplify the moving of electric, water and drain connections


BASELIFT 6200 adjusts the height of the work surface on a straight wall. Worktops with a depth of 56-61 cm are mounted on the lift. The worktop lift is adapted to allow the installation of an inset sink unit, hob and drawers.

Control: The work surface is adjusted to the optimal height simply by pushing a button. Choose between recessed button or remote control.

Safety: Overload protection: If it is overloaded, the lift stops.

Safety buffer: Located under the front edge of the worktop. When the buffer is touched, the lift stops.

BASELIFT Worktop Lift Models

Baselift 80

Baselift 160

Baselift 240

Width 31.5" / 80.0 cm.
Equipped with 2 motors and 2 sides.

Width 63" / 160.0 cm.
Equipped with 2 motors and 4 sides.

Width 94.5" / 240.0 cm.
Equipped with 2 motors and 5 sides.

BASELIFT Worktop Lift All Sizes

Item ID

Lift width

Planning width

Adjustable Counter 110

43.25" (110cm)

43.75" (111cm)

Adjustable Counter 120

47.25" (120cm)

47.75" (121cm)

Adjustable Counter 130

51.25" (130cm)

51.5" (131cm)

Adjustable Counter 140

55" (140cm)

55.5" (141cm)

Adjustable Counter 150

59" (150cm)

59.5" (151cm)

Adjustable Counter 160

63" (160cm)

63.5" (161cm)

Adjustable Counter 170

67" (170cm)

63.25" (171cm)

Adjustable Counter 180

71" (180cm)

71.25" (181cm)

BASELIFT Control Types

Baselift can be chosen with the following control buttons:

Alu control button

Remote control

BASELIFT Worktop Lift Technical Info

110 V

.6" / sec.

11.8" (27.5" -39.4" without. worktop)



  • Adjustable frame depth 22"-22.8" (56 - 58 cm).

  • The lift is adjusted to the front height 4.6" (11.8 cm).

  • Check the condition of the wall (material, positioning of bolts). Plaster walls must be strengthened.

  • Water, drain and electric connections are positioned below or to the side of the motorised leg. (See diagram below).

  • Is the lift to be fitted with an inset sink unit or a complete sink unit?

  • Will the lift have drawers or chopping boards? (If so, where?)

  • Which control unit is required? An area of 3.5" x 3.5" (9 cm x 9 cm) is required for a recessed control button

  • There must be 0.2" clearance between the adjacent cabinet and the lift to allow space for movement.

  • Fittings for installing fronts and cover panels included.

  • The lift allows .6" (1.5 cm) clearance at the wall for wall covering.


  • BASELIFT 6200 comprises two parts. Motorised leg and pre-mounted frame system in aluminium.

  • The motorised leg is screwed to the wall.

  • The frame system is fitted on the motorised leg and adjusted for width, depth and inclination.

  • The control unit is plugged into the wall socket

  • Fronts, worktop, any sink unit, hob etc. are mounted.


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